The Building a QI Infrastructure programme undertaken by the QI Hub between October 2014 and due to end in March 2016 has identified findings from 14 critical friend visits. Most significantly, the visits showed that strategic intent, and plan, for QI is required if QI is to develop from a set of isolated activities to becoming the culture or “just the way we do things around here”. This shift from activity to culture requires strategic leadership and support. Therefore Board level understanding of QI is imperative if they are to oversee the governance of QI in their areas.

One of the recommendations from the programme was that Board development for QI is undertaken.

Service Description

Commissioned by the NHSScotland Board Chairs’ Quality Portfolio Group, the initial focus for this programme will be for NHS boards. This programme of work develops the knowledge and skills needed for effective Board level leadership and governance of quality improvement. The work will focus on quality improvement Board member knowledge and skills and development opportunities. The extension of the programme to Integration Joint Boards is currently being scoped.


NHS board programme is being delivered and the Health and Social Care Partnership offering is being scoped.


NHS boards

Benefits of programme

The findings of the Building a QI infrastructure programme confirm the evidence that for QI to thrive in an organisation and a culture of QI to develop, strategic leadership is necessary.

The proposal that is currently being framed for Board development in QI will employ a variety of approaches in order to support diverse learning styles.


Heather Shearer