Empowering improvement


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Our priorities 2017-2020

The ihub priorities are to support the design and implementation of a health and social care system that:

  • works together in a co-ordinated way with individuals to understand what matters most in their lives and builds support around achieving the outcomes that are important to them
  • focuses on prevention, anticipation and supported self-management
  • enables independent living for longer in a home environment that supports independence, health and wellbeing
  • enables greater self-determination and choice
  • recognises the importance of community connectedness, place-based approaches and working with local people to design and deliver care
  • uses and generates evidence about what works in improving outcomes
  • works to actively rebalance/address inequalities of access and outcomes
  • delivers the maximum impact for each pound invested, and
  • has embedded cultures of continuous quality improvement.

We do this through:

  • supporting services and systems to understand their high impact opportunities for improvement
  • assisting in the design of processes, care models and systems which will improve outcomes
  • providing practical support to enable organisations to implement changes that will lead to improvement, and
  • supporting services and systems to evaluate the impact of their changes, embed successful change and spread the learning about what has and hasn’t worked.


ACP case study

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