GP clusters

In January 2017, the Scottish Government published Improving Together (PDF), a National Framework for Quality and GP Clusters in Scotland. Shortly afterwards, it was announced that Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) would lead the development and implementation of this work. Working with key stakeholders, HIS is developing the required educational and quality improvement support to embed continuous quality improvement in primary care.

The aim of this work is to:

  • support GPs to care for their patients and to better address the health needs of their local communities,
  • reduce primary care health inequalities and contribute to improving people’s health,
  • improve patient experience of primary care through the local delivery of care by a range of health professionals (eg GPs, nurses, pharmacists, dentists), and
  • to develop a network of Quality Improvement leads to support and embed continuous quality improvement in primary care

What are GP clusters?

GP clusters are typically groups of between five to eight GP practices in a close geographical location. The purpose of the clusters is to encourage GPs to take part in quality improvement activity with their peers and to contribute to the oversight and development of their local healthcare system. Each GP practice will have a nominated Practice Quality Lead and each cluster will have a Cluster Quality Lead.

What will Cluster Quality Leads do?

Cluster Quality Leads will support their local GP practices and will liaise with locality teams and other professional groups and organisations.

Who is this work aimed at?

This work is aimed at supporting Cluster Quality Leads and to develop a primary care improvement network. It will give Cluster Quality Leads the flexibility to focus on quality improvement projects based on their local community’s needs.