Quality Improvement for NHS Board members


The time is right

The challenge of delivering high quality services in cost constrained times is one keenly felt by Board members. Boards, and their organisations, are filled with people who have a passion for improving the way services are designed and delivered; some of whom possess knowledge and skill in QI methods and approaches to improving the quality of care people receive. A key role for Board members is creating the environment where great quality care is the norm rather than pockets of excellence.

Origins of the programme

NHS board Chairs recognised that their governance teams would benefit from additional knowledge and skills to enhance their ability to lead and govern their organisations. Self-assessments of the current state of QI undertaken by most NHS boards have identified Board member input as a key area of need.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland and NHS Education for Scotland were asked to produce a suite of resources that:

  • enhance understanding across all NHS boards in Scotland of their role in QI work, and
  • support Board members to develop the knowledge and skills needed for effective leadership and governance of QI work.


What is the aim?

To support Board members (executive and non-executive directors) by enhancing their individual and collective abilities to create an environment where QI can flourish.

Previous Masterclasses

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NHS Board Members (executive and non executive directors)

Benefits of Programme

Engaging in activities will enable NHS Board Members to create an environment where quality improvement can flourish. Involvement ensures the quality of health and social care services that are delivered across Scotland are continuously improved.


How can you participate or request support?

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