It is important that flexible improvement support is provided to help NHS boards and Health and Social Care partnerships address local priority issues and implement key findings from inspection reports. We will help you, if you need or want improvement support.

Service Description

The service we provide is tailored and responsive it is not prescriptive or mandatory and will be agreed and delivered on a voluntary basis with partners.

Our improvement support will draw on and co-ordinate improvement resources at a national and local level. This support can range from a one-off consultation session through to a longer term package of improvement input. For example this could include the support from an improvement advisor, Evidence and Evaluation for Improvement Team (EEvIT) and data and analytics and, where appropriate, will seek to bring in other relevant improvement partners and agencies to contribute.

The design of the improvement support available will be discussed and agreed with local partners, taking into account the scale, complexity and urgency of any request. Requests to TRIST for support will be prioritised and quickly allocated on the basis of what is needed at a local level to accelerate change and improvement.


Currently open for requests for support.


NHS Boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships.

Benefits of programme

This offer represents a significant opportunity to deliver what’s needed by way of improvement support at the right time, in the right place with the right resource.

We know that the effectiveness of TRIST support is dependent on the local context and partners who are engaged, committed and willing to take ownership of their improvement efforts.


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