Our priorities 2017–20

The ihub priorities are to support the design and implementation of a health and social care system that:

1. Works with individuals to help them to achieve their goals for their care and support, and have more of a say in their care.

2. Focuses on prevention and early intervention to help people maintain their independence and to live well for longer in a homely environment.

3. Recognises the importance of involving local people, services and community groups in the design and delivery of care.

4. Makes a difference to people’s lives through building the evidence to support service improvements and interventions; and helping services to apply it.

5. Addresses inequalities in access to health and care services and inequalities in health and wellbeing outcomes.

6. Promotes a culture where continuous quality improvement is a part of day-to day work and delivers the maximum impact for each pound spent on health and social care services.