Date: 30 Aug 2023
Time: 10:00-12:00
Location: MS Teams

Design Community of Practice August 2023

The Design Community of Practice will next meet on Wednesday 30 August from 10am to 12pm.

Presentation: John Mortimer - A multi-functional approach to designing health and social care, using complexity based systemic design methods.

We will be joined by John Mortimer, systems thinker and organisation designer, who will be talking about what was learned in designing a person-centred health service within the NHS.

John is part of the growing number of practitioners who have recognised that the traditional ways of working are not fit for the complex times we face today.
He redesigns services and organisations that are responsive and utilise the full potential of those that work within them.

In his presentation, John will talk about how he combined change and design methods and worked with a team of front line staff and a manager, to design the new ways of working.

Journey Mapping tool: visualising a person’s experience of a service

We’ll also be joined by Mariana Monteiro from the HIS service design team.
She will be talking about how they are building a reusable Journey Map package, which will be available as an online resource.  

Journey mapping helps you understand, record and share the experience of a person using your service.  By applying human centred methodology to the brief, we have provided teams with a set of guidelines and templates that can be used by people with different levels of journey mapping experience

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