Date: 14 Mar 2022
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Location: Webinar

Essentials of Safe Care (EoSC) - supporting the safe delivery of care in any setting.

By attending this session you will have the opportunity to:

  • hear about progress and development of the Essentials of Safe Care over the last year
  • learn how the Essentials of Safe Care can support the first steps of your safety improvement journey in understanding your system, and
  • hear about the Civility Saves Lives work and the impact this can make in supporting leadership and culture change.

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Joanne Matthews, Head of Improvement and Safety, Healthcare Improvement Scotland will reflect on how the EoSC have been embedded in local and national improvement work and plans for the future.

Joanne Matthews is the Head of Improvement Support and Safety at Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS). Prior to joining HIS in 2013, Joanne had a number of senior clinical, managerial and commissioning roles in the NHS in the South East of England. These included the national telephone triage and advice line, NHS Direct Kent, Surrey and Sussex and health and social care strategic commissioning for adult and children’s services within Brighton and Hove Primary Care Trust.

Joanne started her career in the NHS as a nurse graduating from Caledonian University working within acute hospital medicine and cardiology. Since returning to Scotland in 2013 Joanne led the development and delivery of national quality improvement programmes. This has included lead the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) and more recently Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s work to develop a Quality Management System.

Speakers Jennifer Green (Realistic Medicine and SPSP Project Manager) and Sheila Smith (Head of Clinical Quality) from The State Hospital for Scotland and Northern Ireland will share their experiences of ‘Using the Essentials of Safe Care to Build Understanding of a System.

Jennifer has worked in the NHS for 2 years. She is currently the Patient Safety Project Manager at The State Hospital and has been involved with the Essentials of Safe Care from the onset of her position. She was involved in the adaption of the prioritisation tool which allowed for a greater focused approach to working through the numerous change ideas.

Sheila has worked in the NHS for 35 years. She is currently the Head of Clinical Quality at The State Hospital and has been involved with Patient Safety since 2015. Her department has supported the implementation of many work streams including the PRN 8 rights and risk assessments on admission along with assisting in the collation of the mental health toolkit indicator data that was submitted to the National Centre.

The State Hospital, a high secure, forensic setting provides tailored care and treatment for a maximum of 140 male patients who present with complex needs. The Hospital is a national resource for Scotland and Northern Ireland, delivering person-centred care which supports the recovery process and maintains public safety.

Spotlighting Leadership and Culture we will hear from Dr Chris Turner, co-founder of Civility Saves Lives, who will explore ‘Why Civility Matters in a Complex World’ through raising awareness of the impact of incivility on those receiving or delivering care.

Civility saves lives is a grass roots organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of behaviour on performance of teams. Initially CSL was about healthcare though now it has permeated into many different areas. Chris gives talks and runs workshops that sit at the interface of civility, complexity, leadership, wisdom and kindness. He regularly talks internationally and one of his TEDx talks can be found here.

Chris co-founded and runs Civility Saves Lives with Dr Joe Farmer and Dr Penny Hurst. He is a consultant in emergency medicine at University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire. He is interested in governance and highly performing teams, and this has led him on a journey from being blame and process focused to something completely different, Civility Saves Lives, a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the impact of behaviour on performance. Over the last few years this idea has gained momentum and traction across healthcare and beyond.

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