Date: 23 Nov 2023
Time: 10:30 (for 11:00 start) - 15:00
Location: Glasgow

Q Collaboration Event, Glasgow 2023 Digital Delegate Bag

This is the digital delegate bag for the Q Collaboration Event, Glasgow which took place on Thursday 23 November 2023. Below you can find the event aims, resources and links to topics of interest.


Aims of the day: 

  • A forum for Q members to connect, share and learn
  • Opportunity to learn how Scotland is applying a quality management approach to address one of Q’s Strategic Themes: Reducing waiting times
  • Open Space to explore common challenges and share learning, insights and ideas to create innovative, new solutions


Event Resources

Delegate Agenda

Speaker Biographies

Event Presentation

Post-Event Evaluation


Resources related to Key Themes

Please find below links that relate to the key themes of the day. 


Additional Resources and Web Links

Healthcare Improvement Scotland and our partner organisations have provided additional resources for attendees. Please find links to these documents below:


Troika Consulting Overview

The morning of the Q Collaboration Event included a 30 minute Troika Consulting session, for further information on Troika Consulting, please see the webpage here.

Troika Consulting aims to help you:

  • Refine skills in asking for help
  • Learn to formulate problems and challenges clearly
  • Refine listening and consulting skills
  • Develop ability to work across disciplines and functional silos
  • Build trust within a group through mutual support
  • Build capacity to self-organize
  • Create conditions for unimagined solutions to emerge


Open Space Overview

The afternoon of the Q Community Regional Event involved a 90 minute Open Space session. For more information on the Open Space and how it can support your work, this blog outlines the benefits of the format.

The event offered the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate on issues that are important to you and help us make progress in the challenging context we’re working within
  • Lead conversations around your ideas and projects
  • Move through others’ conversations
  • Explore and record suggestions and insight, find people to involve and identify concrete actions to put in place


Privacy Information

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