Date: 21 Jun 2023
Time: 15:00 to 16:00
Location: Webinar

'Service Transformation through the lens of Asset-Based Community Development'

The relationship between organisations and communities worldwide is changing. Behaviour between social workers and communities must also change to stay current.

This session will look at how to change those behaviours. Cormac will share:

  • how to put communities at the centre of change
  • the role of social work in that change

It will present four questions for creating resilient communities.

  • What can communities do that organisations cannot?
  • What can communities do with organisations that neither can do alone?
  • What can organisations do that communities cannot?
  • How can we get these competencies and strengths better aligned?

He will outline outdated traditional customer segmentation and needs analysis approaches. He will then show that assets and strengths are the future.

Our speaker

Cormac Russell is Managing Director of Nurture Development. He is the author of several books on asset based community development.


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