Date: 20 Jun 2023
Time: 13:00 to 14:30
Location: Webinar

SPSP Essentials of Safe Care Webinar Series: Is your team ready for safety?

Our latest SPSP Essentials of Safe Care webinar was held on 20 June 2023. This virtual session explored leadership and staff wellbeing towards developing effective, multidisciplinary teams across all health and social care settings.

The Essentials of Safe Care are underpinned by our SPSP national learning system to rapidly capture and share learning to support spread at pace and scale. The SPSP Essentials of Safe Care webinar series is designed to promote learning around the four drivers that are considered to be essential to the delivery of safe care and provides support to make improvements in safety.

Webinar Resources:

Aims of the session were to:

  • explore how leadership and focusing on staff wellbeing can grow effective teams across all care settings,
  • learn from teams on how they are using the SPSP Essentials of Safe Care to help support improvements in safety, and
  • provide an opportunity for colleagues working across all aspects of health and social care to come together to share and learn.

Presentations included:

  • ‘Creating the conditions for innovative improvement: trialling the use of AI technology to improve pain assessment’ - Nicola McCardle, The Care Inspectorate
  • 'Are we ready? - A focus on falls reduction in NHS Orkney' - Shauna Stockan, NHS Orkney

Spotlight Session:

  • ‘The Art of Being Brilliant: Your Wellbeing Launchpad’ - Dr Andy Cope, Art of Brilliance ltd