Date: 26 Jan 2021
Time: 2pm to 3:30pm
Location: Webinar

Using the Housing and Dementia Framework: webinar 2

There are over 93,000 people living with dementia in Scotland and the housing sector plays a critical role in supporting people living with dementia to live well at home.

This webinar series aims to support housing organisations to improve how they support people living with dementia through the practical application of the Housing and Dementia Practice Framework and exchanging of good practice and knowledge.

The first session in this series was held on 26 November 2020 and provided attendees with an introduction to the framework along with a practice example from Aberdeen City Council on how the framework has been applied.

Webinars 2 and 3 will cover different aspects of housing and dementia and the content will be determined by webinar attendees and practitioners working with the framework.

Webinar 2 on 26 January 2021 is about technology enabled care and dementia.

The speakers include:

  • Geraldine Begg, TEC in Housing (TECH) Programme Co-Ordinator at Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • Doug Moyes, Senior Manager (West) Blackwood Homes, Care and Support

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