Bespoke Support Services plans and delivers services and support for people in a new way. It includes identifying population-level needs (including those of communities and individuals) to inform how resources are used across health and social care systems.

The ihub’s Bespoke Support Services work in partnership with national and local health and social care organisations to provide strategic commissioning improvement support by focusing on a number of key areas. These include:

  • strategic planning
  • a Scottish approach to design for strategic commissioning
  • outcome-based commissioning, and
  • third and independent sector engagement.

We support our partners by:

  • providing an approach to service change, incorporating the principles of quality improvement and service design
  • providing skills, specialist knowledge and critical friend support around complex areas such as strategic planning
  • helping them to develop their understanding of the interconnectedness of the wider health and social care system
  • assisting them to build capacity and capability in a range of strategic planning tools and improvement methodologies to empower those working within the system, and
  • bringing together leading thinking in the area of strategic commissioning to share knowledge across health and social care organisations.

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