Managing the physical environment

Elective care services will need to create safe and effective processes and procedures as they re-mobilise post COVID-19. This can be achieved through initiatives such as redesigning waiting rooms and establishing new maintenance processes of hospital facilities. These innovations demonstrate solutions teams are implementing and testing in order to deliver high quality care in a safe and sustainable way.


Drive-through clinics
NHS Forth Valley’s drive-through clinics offer teams the opportunity to deliver essential care whilst keeping both staff and patients safe. Find out more in our innovation summary.


Managing the hospital physical environment for surgery

Houston Methodist Hospital System in Texas managed to reach 88% of their pre-COVID-19 surgical volume within four weeks. One of their key challenges was to reduce footfall to ensure staff and patient safety in the hospital. They have successfully introduced two key measures across the system:

  • A ‘virtual waiting room’ for patients coming to hospital
  • A staggered appointment schedule system

You can find further information in this case study.

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