Getting creative about physical health

Digital wellbeing games promote staff and patient mental wellbeing

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To help promote the positive impact of physical health and exercise on mental wellbeing, the Bedfordshire and Luton Health Development Coordinator, in collaboration with sports therapists and the Occupational Therapy team, organised the inaugural digital Bedfordshire and Luton Wellbeing Games. The week-long initiative took place in July and involved mental health inpatient units from across the Trust. Over 300 colleagues and service users took part, with more than 90 participants attending the final exercise session.

Participants gained points based on:

  • number of participants from their unit in virtual exercise sessions, and
  • social media posts by unit teams completing activities such as dance-offs.

Winning teams were awarded trophies and sweet treats.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to work with such amazing people. […] In one week we have engaged more than 180 patients and 130 members of staff in physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day. […] This has been about fun, super-friendly competition between teams who love each other and promoting the benefit of being fit and healthy.” Steve Muggridge, Bedfordshire and Luton Health Development Coordinator

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