Supporting shielding NHS staff return to work with ease

A shielding and returning to work guide for NHS Staff

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Returning to work as lockdown restrictions are eased can be daunting for staff who have been shielding and it is essential that they feel supported and safe when transitioning back into the workplace. By adopting compassionate and flexible ways of working, colleagues and managers can ensure returning staff feel more at ease and less anxious about the process. This will also help improve the mental wellbeing of returning staff, as well as their physical health. Our NHS People have created a user-friendly guide which explains what shielding is, includes step-by-step processes that staff should consider when returning to work, a series of case studies to help team members welcome colleagues back, and links to useful resources for managers, such as workplace risk assessments for vulnerable staff.

The guide is split into five topics:

  • What is shielding and why is it important?
  • Shielding and our mental wellbeing
  • Returning to work after shielding: guide for individuals
  • Compassionately helping colleagues return to work after shielding: guide for teams
  • Other useful resources for managers and organisations.

You can read more in the full guide.


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