“You said, we did”

Showing appreciation through listening

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Respiratory Medicine staff working in ward 204 have found a new way to demonstrate their appreciation of the feedback they receive both from staff and patients. They have placed two notice boards in the ward, visible to all, one for staff and one for patients and their loved ones. The boards, entitled ‘You said, we did’, anonymously share issues noted from feedback and outline the actions taken to improve.

An example of feedback being actioned, shared on the ward’s twitter account, was a concern of a lack of communication between staff and patients. As a result, the team have added agenda items to their safety huddles to ensure medical staff are kept up to date on patient’s progress and concerns. To read more about the notice boards, and see one ‘in action’, see the following tweet.

This transparent and open way of sharing how feedback can inform working practices, helps remind staff and patients that their input is invaluable and appreciated.


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