Innovative posters help maintain social distancing

To help staff and the local community follow social distancing regulations, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation trust launched the ‘Have a heart – Stay apart’ campaign. Using messaging that compares two metre distancing to objects people are familiar with, such as shopping trolleys or three-piece settees, they aim to keep government regulations clear in people’s minds. It allows people to visualise the distance easily. The trust has also tried to keep their messaging local, with some poster designs using local delicacies (such as Teesside parmos and lemon tops) as measurement metrics. This approach also overcomes any miscommunication for those more used to imperial measurements. 

For staff members the Trust have applied this creative approach to signage within the hospital. The posters demonstrate what two metres looks like by referring to everyday hospital objects and equipment such as trolleys and patient beds. Whilst recognising it may not always be possible for staff to maintain social distancing within clinical settings, they act as a practical reminder to help keep both patients and staff safe.

As restrictions continue, using fun methods of communication can help keep everyone safe. You can learn more about the Trust’s campaign in this article.


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