Smartphone app empowers patients with long-term conditions

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A joint initiative between Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and ViiV Healthcare, Klick is a smartphone app which helps patients with long-term conditions self-manage their health, and connect to staff at outpatient clinics. This can help reduce the need to visit hospital for routine appointments as staff will have regular updates of the patient’s health status logged securely via the app. Upon reviewing the data, the team can then contact the patient to discuss next steps and any further support required.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices. The app adheres to strict NHS data safety regulations to ensure all data logged via the app is confidential. Only NHS staff directly involved in the patient’s care can access the information submitted. To create an account on Klick, the patient needs both their hospital number and a UK mobile phone number. They will then be sent a one-time authentication code. Once an account has been created, users will be able to set a four digit pin or use facial or thumb recognition to login into the app.

The Trust hope that by encouraging patients to download Klick, they will be able to empower them to feel more involved in decision-making about their care. Additionally, the Trust hopes to expand the features available on the app in the near future to include communicating test results, and developing care plans primarily by communicating over the app. By providing alternative ways for service users and staff to communicate, the team are able to reduce face-to-face appointments, whilst maintaining a high standard of care.

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