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The Access QI programme is in hibernation until further notice due to the COVID-19 crisis. (Published 20 March 2020)


Using quality improvement to improve waiting times

Learn from our National Programme Director, Thomas Monaghan, about Access QI, a national programme that supports NHS boards to use quality improvement to sustainably improve access and reduce waiting times. Continue reading (Published 6 March 2020)


Measuring for Access QI

Hi, I’m Alison. I’ve worked with data to support improvements in healthcare for over 10 years now, so you’d think a new project would be straight forward; it never is. Here are a few examples that have been taxing from a data perspective. Continue reading (Published 24 February 2020)


Knowledge Sharing with the Scottish Access Collaborative

We delivered a WebEx for Accelerator Sites on 20 February. Lindsey Mitchell from the Scottish Access Collaborative presented an overview of the background and founding principles of the Collaborative. She also discussed the concept of “Team Service Planning”, which is a multidisciplinary approach to defining, developing, and delivering clinical capacity within a defined service or team in order to provide optimal service with limited resources. (Published 24 February 2020)


Access QI reflections

Hi, I’m Toby and I recently joined Healthcare Improvement Scotland from working as an analyst at Information Services Division (ISD). Given that Access QI is my first major project here I was asked to share with you some of the things I’ve learned along the way as we developed the measurement guide. Continue reading (Published 19 February 2020)


Project Surgery

The first Project Surgery took place virtually on 29 January. The Access QI team, and delegates from NHS Grampian, NHS Lothian, and NHS Tayside discussed the revised measurement guide and how they will be reporting their collected data on key outcome measures. The accelerator sites also provided an update on the work that is taking place within the pathways. (Published 30 January 2019)


Data and Measures session

We held a Data and Measures virtual session on 18 December 2019. The Access QI team, and delegates from NHS Grampian, NHS Lothian and NHS Tayside discussed a draft measurement plan. Historically there have been challenges measuring capacity in pathways, and sites are going to try collecting data on key outcome measures for the end of January. (Published 18 December 2019)


Pathway Diagnostic Guidance

We’ve developed a working draft of Pathway Diagnostic Guidance to help supplement accelerator site diagnostics of current pathways. We are keen to receive feedback on how useful it is, and tools or methods that we should include or remove from the guide. Please get in touch at hcis.access-qi@nhs.net to share your feedback. (Published 12 November 2019)


Launch event

We held the Access QI launch event on 30 October 2019. It included an introduction to Access QI by Ruth Glassborow, Director of Improvement, and workshops on proposed measures, pathway diagnostic and scheduling systems. (Published 8 November)


Accelerator site recruitment

We have recruited NHS Grampian, NHS Lothian and NHS Tayside as accelerator sites. Each site has identified three pathways to focus their improvement activity:
• NHS Grampian are focusing on Dermatology, Gynaecology and Urology,
• NHS Lothian are focusing on Dermatology, CAMHS and Urology, and
• NHS Tayside are focusing on Colorectal, Gynaecology and potentially Urology.
(Published 28 October 2019)