Additional programme information - Deteriorating Patient

Please find additional information about the programme below.  



Deteriorating Patient Improvement Work is a core element of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme.


Partner organisations

  • NHS Boards,
  • Scottish Government and
  • HIS colleagues


Programme history

2022 – onwards
Improvement support to NHS boards involved in the SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative and development of associated learning system. For more information, join our Teams channel.

2021 – 2022
Established deteriorating patient improvement network comprised of clinical and quality improvement partners and launched SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative with a focus on falls and deteriorating patient

2020 -2021
Co-design work with NHS boards to establish scope of programme and development of change package. For more information, visit our Collaborative programme page

Deteriorating patient improvement work paused due to COVID-19


Evaluations and measures of success

NHS boards submit quarterly outcome data on the following measure which is collated into a national report also published quarterly

  • Cardiac arrest rate

National aim for SPSP deteriorating patient:

  • A reduction in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation rate, in acute care, by September 2023


Equality impact assessment

To ensure everyone can benefit regardless of their characteristics or where they access care, we completed an Equality Impact Assessment. This highlights key equality issues that were considered and any actions we took in relation to them