SPSP Acute Adult updates

This page will be updated until September 2023 when the programme is due to come to an end.


Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) Acute Adult Collaborative National Learning Event

We are pleased to announce the SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative National Learning Event on Thursday 20 April 2023.

The aims of the day are to:

  • share collaborative improvement work with a focus on the Essentials of Safe Care, falls and deteriorating patient
  • provide a networking and learning opportunity for SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative teams, and
  • hear from other UK nations about their improvement work on Falls and Deteriorating Patient.

For more details and to find out how to register, please visit our event page here.


SPSP Deteriorating Patient Webinar Series: Shock to Survival - A structured response to the patient with Cardiogenic Shock 

We are delighted to announce our next SPSP Acute Adult Webinar on 21 March 2023.

This Webinar will provide an opportunity to:

  • Provide an update on the SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative Deteriorating Patient work
  • Hear from the author of the Shock to Survival Report and its findings
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss the role of structures response to deterioration in supporting early identification of cardiogenic shock

For more information and to register please visit our event page here.


Promoting the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) via falls information resources

We are pleased to share a summary report of the work to promote understanding of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) in connection with falls prevention. 

In the report you will find the finalised paragraph which can be incorporated within falls resources in your area and it can also be adapted for use within other SPSP related resources.


SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative: Identifying and understanding cardiac arrests: current practice in Scotland

We are pleased to share a case study and improvement resource on identifying and understanding cardiac arrests across Scotland.

Cardiac arrest data collection, review and learning can be challenging. Ten boards from across NHS Scotland shared their current approach using an adapted Walk Through Talk Through tool to capture work as done.

The case study reports the key findings of the work. The improvement resource provides a practical package to support teams to further strengthen their processes for the identification and understanding of cardiac arrests.


SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative Webinar Series: Creating a Culture of Change for Falls in Scotland (November 2022)

We were privileged to have Professor Brian Dolan OBE join us to deliver this wonderful Webinar with a focus on:

  • How might we make falls everyone’s business and why this matters
  • Discussing a culture of embracing risk and promoting mobilisation
  • Exploring a Social Model for Change in Scotland

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SPSP Deteriorating Patient Webinar: Using eObservations to recognise and respond to deterioration (September 2022)

Dr Gavin Simpson, Dr Nicola Maran and Karen Goudie delivered presentations that:

  • Shared learning from three boards who have taken different approaches to electronic observations
  • Explored and discussed the benefits and challenges of using eObservations in NHS Scotland

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Webinar recordings:


Cardiac arrest

The following resources are designed to support acute hospital teams to use quality improvement methods to improve the processes of identifying and learning from cardiac arrests within their board. 


SPSP Acute Adult national learning event (May 2022)

The national learning event Improving Patient Safety: Learning Together attracted 130 delegates in person with a further 58 delegates joining virtually through a hybrid option.

Aims of the event:

  • Share collaborative improvement work with a focus on the Essentials of Safe Care, falls and deteriorating patient
  • Provide a networking and learning opportunity for SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative Teams
  • Offer an opportunity from both workstreams to come together with their boards and plan next steps

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Recordings of the morning plenary sessions:


Principles of a structured response (May 2022) 

The SPSP Acute Adult programme have co-designed principles for a structured response to deterioration with clinicians from across Scotland. The principles have been developed to support existing local processes in place to respond to deteriorating patients. The expectation is that teams will map these principles against current practice in order to improve the care of the deteriorating patient.

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Sepsis position statement (May 2022)

In response to the recent Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (A0MRC) and the Surviving Sepsis Campaign publications, we have produced a statement updating the SPSP approach to sepsis care.

Evaluation Report of using a virtual Expert Reference Group model (April 2022)

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme Acute Care team used virtual methods, during COVID-19, to successfully co-design and launch a national breakthrough series collaborative focused on improving safety and reliability of acute care. The evaluation report of using a virtual Expert Reference Group model to do this can be accessed below


Falls webinar series Falls: Time for Movement (March 2022)

Professor Dawn Skelton and Erin Walker delivered presentations that

  • Discussed best practice in relations to falls, frailty and deconditioning
  • Shared experience of promoting an “Active Wards” approach in an acute hospital setting
  • Provided an opportunity for discussion and Q&A’s

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Hospital huddles & safety briefs: case study (November 2021)

The SPSP Acute Care Team, working alongside colleagues in Scottish Government and NHS boards have undertaken a rapid piece of work to understand the purpose, design and delivery of hospital huddles, a critical tool for safe communication within and between teams. The learning from the first stage of this work has informed the development of core elements of hospital huddles.

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SPSP Acute Adult Collaborative launch event (September 2021)

The launch event was held virtually over a morning plenary session and afternoon sessions focused on falls and deteriorating patient

The morning plenary session explored

  • The history and current work of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP)
  • The next phase of the SPSP Acute Adult Work
  • The future collaborative improvement work focused on reducing harm and improving patient safety

The afternoon sessions covered

  • The falls/deteriorating patient improvement work
  • An overview of the driver diagrams, change packages and measurement plans
  • The practical application of a change concept from the driver diagram using the model for improvement


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