About Focus on Frailty

The Focus on Frailty programme brings together six health and social care teams from across Scotland. Teams will test and implement improvements to community and acute services accessed by people aged 65 and over who are living with frailty.

 Improvements are focussed on one or more of the following areas:

  • Early identification and assessment of frailty.
  • Access to person-centred care.
  • Leadership and culture to support integrated working.

Resources to support the Focus on Frailty programme 

The following resources have been developed to support teams during the improvement programme:

  • Frailty Change Package: This change package is designed to support teams to improve the experience of access to person centred, coordinated health and social care, for people living with or at the risk of frailty.
  • Focus on Frailty measurement framework: This measurement framework sets out the data that participating teams are required to submit as part of the Focus on Frailty programme.
  • Frailty resources: View a range of tools, resources, and case studies you can use to help improve outcomes for people living with frailty.
  • 90 day learning cycle on frailty: This outlines the key components of an integrated frailty system.
  • Essentials of Safe Care: The Essentials of Safe Care is a practical package of evidence-based guidance and support that helps Scotland’s health and social care system to deliver safe care.