Additional programme information

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The development of the Hospital at Home model contributes to the Scottish Government vision to redesign urgent and unscheduled care. The work being undertaken by Healthcare Improvement Scotland to support the development of the Hospital at Home model is part of a wider Scottish Government redesign of urgent and unscheduled care.


Partner organisations

To build on the national infrastructure required to enable the development of the Hospital at Home, is working with a number of key partners to address topics such as workforce skills and development, data and access. We work in partnership with:

  • NHS boards
  • Health and social care partnerships
  • NHS Education for Scotland, and
  • Public Health Scotland.


Programme history

2022-2024: The programme aims to support NHS boards and health and social care partnerships to optimise the delivery of Hospital at Home services, and to create new services in areas that have yet to launch.

2020-2022: Healthcare Improvement Scotland supported NHS boards and health and social care partnerships to develop new Hospital at Home services. This started with the publication of Guiding Principles for service development. Between 2020 to 2022 the number of health and social care partnerships covered by a Hospital at Home services increased from 3 to 18.


Programme evaluation

A mixed methods evaluation to understand the value the HIS improvement team brought to national spread and scale of hospital at home. Four main themes were derived: the creation of a national learning system and peer support; developing quality improvement capacity; funding support and workforce planning. Read the full Hospital at Home programme evaluation summary.

We also routinely measure the number of patients managed by hospital at home services and the spread of hospital at home across Scotland.  Read more in the end of year data summary for 2022/23.