People with frailty

Supporting people with frailty to live well for longer in their community.

Frailty is the manifestation of ageing that is associated with poor outcomes, including increased risk of disability, hospital admission, institutional care or death. The impact on a person’s quality of life is considerable, as well as an increased use of primary care and unplanned secondary care services.

This is compounded by the fact that recent estimates by National Records of Scotland predict that the number of people aged 75 years and over will increase by 79% in the next 25 years.

National Records of Scotland (2017). Projected Population of Scotland (2016-based) National population projections by sex and age, with UK comparisons.

To learn about our national improvement collaborative that aims to improve identification and support for people living with frailty please see our Living and Dying Well with Frailty page. 


Living with frailty

In this video, Mr Lucas discusses his experience of living with frailty, and the care that he receives that helps him to live independently at home.

Case study

In this short video, GP Kenneth O'Neill talks about a multidisciplinary approach to frailty using the electronic frailty index (eFI) and the ihub Frailty and Falls Assessment and Intervention Tool.