Develop person-centred care plans

Create plans to use the person-centred information gathered. The information can be used as part of:

  • care plans
  • day to day care
  • interactions

Consider involving a range of specialities when developing a plan. This may include nursing staff, AHPs and others.

Share your learning 

Share your learning across your hospital, NHS board and beyond. Our Dementia Learning System can support sharing learning. Please contact us at to share your improvement journey. 

Resources to support your improvements:

Resource Source What it is and what’s it for? 

Dementia in Hospitals Improvement Toolkit - proactive and person-centred responses to stress and distress

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Web based ‘Dementia in hospitals improvement toolkit


Person Centred care plans. Good practice guide

Mental Welfare Commission


Guidance on good practice in the development of person centred care plans for people using mental health, dementia and learning disability services