Measure the difference you are making

Collect data to show whether changes are:

  • happening reliably, and
  • having an impact on patient outcomes including levels of stress and distress.

Useful measures for person-centred care planning improvements include:

  • percentage of patients who have a person-centred care plan in place
  • percentage of patients who have meaningful activities recorded within their care plan daily

If your data indicates that your change has led to an improvement, consider how to sustain and spread your changes.

Share your learning 

Share your learning across your hospital, NHS board and beyond. Our Dementia Learning System can support sharing learning. Please contact us at to share your improvement journey. 

Resources to support your improvements:

Resource Source What it is and what’s it for? 

Dementia in Hospitals Improvement Toolkit- Measurement (ihub)

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Web based ‘Dementia in hospitals improvement toolkit’


TURAS Learn - Quality Improvement Zone (NHS Education for Scotland)

NHS Education for Scotland


Online learning resource looking at the importance of measurement in quality improvement projects.

Person-centred care planning change package


Healthcare Improvement Scotland



Dementia in hospitals change package