Acute Low Back Pain Drop In Clinic: A Pilot Project

NHS Lanarkshire

According to the British Pain Society the cost of back pain to the exchequer is estimated to be in the region of £5billion per annum, through loss of working days.

Lower Back Pain (LBP) represents a considerable burden to individuals, families, society and the economy. It results in many problems, including impaired quality of life, mobility and daily function; long-term morbidity; a higher risk of social exclusion through inability to work; reduced income; reliance on sickness benefits; and social isolation through disability.

An improved approach to information sharing, referrals, interventions and treatment would have an obvious beneficial impact on those with lower back pain, and potentially on the service too.

  • What was the approach?
  • What was the impact?
  • What was the learning?
  • What are the next steps?

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