Best In Class Approach To Managing Lower Limb Joint Problems

Clackmannanshire and Stirling HSCP

People with knee problems routinely look for healthcare information and services through their GP. However, most degenerative joint problems do not need a GP to diagnose and direct treatment. People can be empowered to better manage their own recovery.

This project is part of a Best in Class (BIC) whole system approach which reaches across the prevention, primary care and secondary care spectrum to support people with lower limb joint problems.

The aim of this work was to provide a personal outcomes approach for up to 1500 people with lower limb joint problems in Clackmannanshire.

Additional aims were to:

  • reduce GP contacts by 1500 and
  • reduce orthopaedic referrals for hip and knee problems by 10%, and
  • reduce physiotherapy referrals for lower limb problems by 10%

The project was supported by grant funding from the ihub's Improvement Fund in 2017-2018.

  • What was the approach?
  • What was the impact?
  • What are the next steps?