Nurse-Led Virtual Clinic In The Diabetes Antenatal Service

NHS Lothian

Current guidelines state that women with diabetes should be offered contact with their diabetes team every 1-2 weeks throughout their pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes (GDM) accounts for the vast majority of women attending antenatal clinics (ANCs). Both forms of diabetes can affect outcomes for both fetus and mother.

Research confirms that good blood glucose control during pregnancy reduces the risk of maternal and fetal complications.  As there is a link between excessive maternal weight and GDM, good antenatal care for these women also represents an important public health opportunity.  Education on diet and lifestyle interventions to control blood glucose could reduce their future risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The diabetes antenatal clinics have been routinely overbooked, with lengthy waits to see doctors. Complex patients often have inappropriately brief appointments due to the volume of patients. There is a clear need to develop innovative ways to meet increasing demand in the face of fixed capacity whilst making the most of opportunities to make the service more patient-centred.

This project aimed to develop virtual ANC clinics that can remotely monitor and control blood glucose levels and reduce the need for routine hospital appointments.


  • What was the approach?
  • What was the impact?
  • What was the learning?
  • What are the next steps?

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