Literature reviews and evidence summaries

Below we share our literature searches, literature reviews, and evidence summaries.

Inpatient mental health user experiences and service redesign 

This is a rapid summary of recent literature on some of the things to consider in relation to the strategic redesign of adult inpatient mental health services.

Anticipatory Care Planning in Scotland: summary of literature and activities →

This document provides an overview of practices and systems that support anticipatory care planning (ACP) in Scotland and reviews published evidence around effectiveness of ACP.

Earwax removal in primary care →

This is a summary of published evidence on the removal of earwax in primary care. It answers the following questions: what is the recommended method of ear wax removal, and are there examples of microsuction services in primary care relevant to Scotland?

Reducing unplanned admission to hospital of community dwelling adults: evidence review 

This is a rapid literature review of the published evidence about interventions that can reduce unplanned admission to hospital for community-dwelling adults. The review may be of interest to anyone developing services to help prevent unnecessary hospital admission and allow people to stay in their home or in a homely setting.

Person-centred care in practice 

This is a literature review on person-centred care and how this implemented in practice. It considers definitions of person-centred care and the initiatives supported by the evidence including shared decision making, self-management support, person-centred care planning and personal outcomes planning. 

The benefits of prehabilitation for patients undergoing surgery 

This is a rapid overview mapping the evidence for the benefits of prehabilitation for patients undergoing surgery.