Earwax removal in primary care

We share the findings of some recent work we did to support the ihub Primary Care Improvement Portfolio. We produced a summary of published evidence on the removal of earwax in primary care. It answers the following questions: what is the recommended method of ear wax removal, and are there examples of microsuction services in primary care relevant to Scotland?

We found the NICE guideline Hearing loss in adults: assessment and management from 2018 is the current national guideline on earwax removal. It makes recommendations on which methods for earwax removal should and should not be used in primary care.

We only found published information about two microsuction services in primary care. One service was in NHS Tayside and another service in Doncaster. The NHS Tayside service was launched in January 2019 and has clinics at six locations. The referral process and treatment method is described.

This summary may be of interest to anyone working in primary care in Scotland that offer ear wax removal services.

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