An overview of extra care housing types

Extra Care (EC) housing does not have a universal definition. This overview aims to contribute to the development of evaluation work relating to 'Extra Care' housing models for older people by providing a summary of some of the key components and types of extra care housing as reported in documents found within an informal search of key sources.

However, whilst there have been types or categories of EC housing described with the literature they appear to be a pragmatic frame rather than blueprint and it is important to note that in many cases developments use a combination of approaches within schemes.

Key features and Extra  Care Housing types

Click here for a visual of housing types from *Housing Lin

Lessons learned from Extra Care Housing in Scotland

*Key features and types of Extra Care Housing is a reference from Housing LIN (2015)

A 2013 paper produced by Newhaven Research which describes ‘lessons learned’ from Extra Care housing is summarised below. Further inspection of the original paper is also recommended as it describes many existing schemes in Scotland.