Links with other policy areas

Focussing on personal outcomes is integral to delivering on major policy initiatives in Scotland including: Self Directed Support, Integration of health and social care, carers strategy, dementia strategy and Getting it Right for Every Child. Furthermore, this focus on personal outcomes is closely aligned with key improvement objectives for health and social care. The following table summarises four main objectives and how these link to personal outcomes approaches.

Improvement objective

Links to a personal outcomes approach

Support self-management through improving health literacy and empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Starting with a personal outcomes focussed conversation ensures that self-management support is tailored to the specific situation, aspiration and needs of the person. This means that the person will be more motivated and committed to the plan of action, vital to making it succeed.

Deliver realistic and effective care and support that is person centred

Personal outcomes approaches and realistic medicine share a core focus on negotiating a plan with the person that helps them make progress towards their outcomes building on available (and sometimes limited) resources. It is important to note that being person centred is not the same as focussing on personal outcomes. The later requires organising support to help people achieve what is important to them, which may or may not fit with professional priorities.

Build on people’s assets and strengths to co-produce support

Quality personal outcomes focussed engagements work with people to identify their strengths and assets and to build on these in any plan for support. In addition, data and information captured from a personal outcomes approach can be analysed for groups of people to understand opportunities to take forward assets based and co-produced work more widely.

Deliver co-ordinated care at a neighbourhood level

Organising care and support around the needs of the individual is at the heart of Neighbourhood Care approaches like Burtzog. Including a focus on personal outcomes ensures support will make a difference to people and will build on their own assets and strengths.