Our key work in this area is listed below.


Dementia in hospitals collaborative

The collaborative aims to improve the outcome of people with dementia in hospitals, by September 2021. To deliver this aim, teams will focus on five priority areas identified and agreed through a co-design process involving key stakeholders:

  1. Strategies to prevent and effectively manage stress and distress
  2. Compliance with Adults with Incapacity legislation
  3. Creating hospital environments that minimise the level of stress for people with dementia
  4. Improving pathways of care including managing transitions
  5. Improving person-centred care planning

Commissioned to work around Commitment 7 of the Dementia Strategy, this new programme will run from September 2019 to September 2021. With a focus on preventing, identifying and managing the symptoms of stress and distress the collaborative will support improved care for people with dementia in three types of hospital settings. This will include Acute and Community Hospitals and Specialist Dementia Units - building on the work of the recent Specialist Dementia Unit Improvement Programme.

The programme will use the IHI Collaborative Breakthough Series approach to improvement - with hospital teams coming together at learning sessions and being supported to use the Model for Improvement when working in their local areas. So far improvement themes have been identified through co-design events and include the environment, person-centred care planning, pathways, Adults With Incapacity, and stress and distress.

The Focus on Dementia team will be working closely with Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Nurse Consultants to take this work forward and are also being supported by the Scottish Executive Nurse Directors group. At the present time work is ongoing to develop the work plan, measures and tools - and to identify wards who will participate in this exciting new programme.


Acute Care

Identifying critical success factors for improved outcomes for people with dementia and their carers in acute care: A focus on NHS Grampian

This publication describes the methodology and findings of work undertaken between January and March 2017 in four wards in NHS Grampian’s Aberdeen Royal Infirmary that have been recognised as delivering particularly good practice in relation to the 10 Dementia Care Actions. The four wards which this review was based on are in the Department of Medicine for the Elderly (DOME) – wards 102 (the Geriatric Assessment Unit), 303, 304 and 306.

The aim of this work was to identify and share the critical success factors associated with improved outcomes for people with dementia, their carers, friends, family and staff in acute care, using an appreciative inquiry approach and the 10 Dementia Care Actions as a framework.

Focus on Dementia will engage with stakeholders to see how we can share the learning of this work and continue to support services as they implement the acute care commitment of Scotland’s national dementia strategies.