A Quality Improvement Framework for Dementia Post-Diagnostic Support in Scotland

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A Quality Improvement Framework for Dementia Post-Diagnostic Support in Scotland (PDF)

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The Post-Diagnostic Support Quality Improvement Framework

Post-diagnostic support improvement plan (example template) (Word doc)

This framework is a service self-assessment tool which sets out the necessary criteria for high quality post‑diagnostic support for people living with dementia and the policies, principles, rights and standards that should underpin service provision.  The framework supports post-diagnostic support practitioners and service managers to consider:

  • where a service produces the outcomes that people with dementia experience as a result of good post-diagnostic support
  • where certain aspects could be improved, and
  • where a clearer business case is necessary to ensure the service has the appropriate resources to operate as described by the framework.

Key benefits of using framework

The benefits of using the framework are:

  • to explore how well the post-diagnostic support service is supporting positive outcomes for people with dementia and those who care for them
  • to improve the experience of practitioners delivering post‑diagnostic support
  • to improve local decision-making to ensure staff have the necessary skills and resources to deliver high quality post-diagnostic support
  • to act as a motivator for service improvement
  • to provide a quality assurance system for post-diagnostic support
  • to provide quality assurance evidence for any external scrutiny bodies such as the Care Inspectorate and joint inspection
  • to inform national policy, education and improvement programme priorities, and
  • to ensure that services are delivered to a consistently high standard.

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