Integrated Care Co-ordination in the Community

Aim: To improve co-ordination and quality of care and support for people with dementia at moderate to severe stage of their dementia, through sharing the learning from testing Alzheimer Scotland’s 8 pillars model in practice and learning from other examples and evidence of integrated co-ordinated care in the community.

We will achieve this by:

  1. sharing the learning and evaluation from Alzheimer Scotland’s 8 pillars model, which was tested in five health and social care partnerships in Scotland, through publications and learning events.
  2. learning from other examples of integrated co-ordinated care models in the community in order to share practice.
  3. learning from and informing the Crisis and Care Co-ordination work package of Act on Dementia (EU Joint Action on Dementia).

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the “8 Pillars” model of home-based support

The Scottish Government commissioned Blake Stevenson to undertake an evaluation of the 8 Pillars home-based support model for people with dementia, please click on the link below to download this report. This work and reflections from each of the 5 test site areas was shared at the Focus on Dementia event on 10 May 2017. An event to share this learning further and to learn from the EU Joint Action on Dementia and other models of integrated care co-ordination will be arranged for late 2017 alongside other improvement portfolios within the ihub of Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

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