As part of the application process, we will need to complete financial checks to ensure that the Lead Organisation applying for funding is financially stable. If your organisation does not pass our financial checks, we will be unable to proceed with funding. If you have any uncertainty about this, please get in touch. These checks will not be required for public sector organisations. For all other organisations, we may request all or some of the following information at application form stage:

  • a business plan, including a cash flow statement
  • the annual accounts duly certified by an accountant, covering any part of the preceding 3 years during which the Lead Organisation was in operation
  • a reference from the bank as to the applicant’s financial standing
  • details on the applicant’s accountant
  • information on the financing and financial resources of the applicant, and
  • evidence of insurance.

Please note that it is important that annual accounts for the 3 preceding financial years are provided. This will enable our finance department to generate financial ratios and assess the organisation’s past performance.

All sensitive information received will be treated confidentially and shared only with Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s finance department who will carry out the necessary checks.

If we do not receive the necessary financial information, unfortunately we will be unable to proceed with funding.