The Improvement Fund may, in its discretion, publish and publicise the fact, nature and amount of the award made to the Lead Organisation.

The Lead Organisation is expected to communicate about their project with key audiences during the lifetime of the project. This might include communicating about the project, any key developments along the way, and the project’s final results. The Lead Organisation will let the Improvement Fund know about any key developments which they are planning to communicate about, or would like to share more widely through Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s communication channels.

Any publications or other dissemination arising from work supported by the Improvement Fund should acknowledge assistance received from the Improvement Fund and copies or notification should be submitted to the Improvement Fund for approval agreeing a reasonable timeframe for responses.

The Improvement Fund may want to communicate about funded projects. For example, Healthcare Improvement Scotland may want to undertake some media work to promote the findings of the project. While the Lead Organisation will have sign-off on the factual detail, Healthcare Improvement Scotland retains the right to determine the style and structure in line with its communication aims. The Improvement Fund will work with the Lead Organisation letting them know about plans for communications, such as a press release, and will share any communication materials about the project for comment, agreeing a reasonable timeframe for response. If the Lead Organisation does not meet the deadlines agreed with the Improvement Fund, the Improvement Fund has the right to proceed with the communications activity.