We are looking to fund projects that:

  • are ready to go and have a senior organisational sponsor
  • design and test new solutions that have the potential to lead to sustainable measurable improvements and/or spread ideas that have already been tested and demonstrated impact
  • have a plan to actively share learning locally, regionally and/or nationally
  • will have a direct impact on service users within a 12–15 month funding period
  • contribute to the delivery of the National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes (see Appendices A and B in the guidance document), and
  • contribute to the delivery of local integration priorities and strategies and the reducing inequalities agenda.

All projects that meet the above criteria are eligible to apply, however we will look favourably on projects that:

  • are designed and delivered in partnership, for example working across health and social care, third and independent sectors
  • have identified a specific approach or method for the planning and implementation of the project, for example an improvement methodology such as (but not limited to) Lean, Model for Improvement, or Appreciative Inquiry.

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Approach to redesign and continuous improvement
What applicants will be required to do
What we will and will not fund