A good proposal will have identified a systematic approach or method for the planning and implementation of the project, for example an improvement methodology such as (but not limited to) Lean, Model for Improvement, or Appreciative Inquiry.

We acknowledge that amongst those applying for funding there will be differing degrees of understanding, experience and skill of improvement approaches and methods and we will not favour or discriminate against a particular interpretation of improvement or a specific improvement model. However, projects using a systematic improvement approach will be viewed favourably.

If you are new to improvement methodologies, please follow the link below for an introduction to quality improvement and various approaches:


If you intend to use a specific improvement methodology, please outline this in your application and address how this will be used.

If you choose not to use a defined improvement methodology, to be eligible to apply we would be looking for you to be able to describe as a minimum:

  • the current situation and need for change
  • the aims of the intervention – preferably with a quantifiable aim
  • your method for implementing the change
  • how impact will be measured throughout the project
  • a willingness to experiment, change and adapt as the project is delivered, and
  • a clear link between the project aim and the activity that is being funded.