Throughout the application process, applicants will need to demonstrate that they have:

  • a clear description of the need, the proposed solution and how this will result in improvements
  • identified a service user group who will benefit from the intervention
  • clear and specific outcomes, indicators and measures of success that can be achieved within the 12–15 month funding period
  • an appropriate structure and process for recording accurate data (both quantitative and qualitative, including case studies)
  • actively considered value for money and the cost implications of the change, particularly in terms of efficiencies and sustainability, and
  • a project team that either contains, or will have access to, the necessary expertise to undertake the project and has commitment from a senior organisational sponsor.

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • provide regular and timely project progress and finance reports to the Improvement Fund
  • participate in regular calls and/or meetings with the Improvement Fund team to review progress
  • complete an end of project report to evaluate the impact of the intervention, and
  • actively share the learning from the project, for example at events or through presentations and publications.