It is desirable, but not essential, that applications are designed and will be delivered in partnership. Within such partnerships, we will expect one organisation to act as the Lead Organisation and the other organisation(s) as Partner Organisation(s). The Improvement Fund requires a Lead Organisation to ensure that there is appropriate influence and governance over the project, including the implementation of the change idea, engagement of staff, management of the project and of the funding provided by the Improvement Fund.

We will contract with the Lead Organisation and they will provide assurance that work is carried out where funding is provided upfront and will be responsible for creating and monitoring any subcontracts with its partners. Please read the previous section to check eligibility criteria for Lead Organisations.

Partner organisations may include any of the following:

  • any of the organisations listed in the previous section as eligible to apply as Lead Organisation
  • national public sector bodies (for example NES, NSS, SSSC)
  • education bodies, companies and consultancies
  • royal colleges and other professional societies
  • private sector organisations[1]
  • evaluation or research organisations, and or
  • improvement organisations.

Partner organisations may be involved in more than one application but can only be Lead Organisation on one project at a time. Where multiple applications are made involving one organisation as a partner, there may need to be a discussion about the feasibility of being involved in multiple projects.

[1] We understand that private sector partners may be critical to the successful delivery of improvement projects. However, where a private company or a profit-making organisation is involved as a partner, we would not expect more than 15% of our funding to go to this organisation, directly or indirectly.