MAT Standards - Programme updates

This page will be updated until March 2025, when the programme is due to come to an end.


MAT Standards implementation case studies (2024)

Following on from our brief insights series, we will periodically produce a series of case studies spotlighting in greater depth various examples of MAT standards implementation work from across drug and alcohol services, pharmacy and the third sector.

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MAT Standards reflective insights (December 2023)

As part of the developing learning system to support the implementation of the MAT standards, we are releasing a series of reflections written by people working within the HIS MAT team and also people working externally. These are aimed to be short reads to give you insight into some of the people working to support the implementation of MAT standards and also working within the wider substance use landscape. The authors share their own experiences and reflections, highlighting the challenges they have identified working in this system and what they feel is important to enable the ongoing implementation of not only the MAT standards but also to influence the future design and delivery of services to enable people to have positive outcomes and receive person-centred, safe and effective substance use services. 

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MAT Standards National Learning Sessions

Materials from previous webinars in our National Learning System can be found below:


Learning Session 6: System Response to Drug Trends: Insights and Reflections (23 Jan 2024)

The focus of this session was on emerging trends in substance use and responses to them from across statutory services and the third/voluntary sector. Presentations included Police Scotland’s on the Substance Harm Prevention strategy, Recovery Scotland on Non-Clinical Interventions For Stimulant Addiction and Public Health Scotland on the development of work in Benzodiazepine harm reduction.

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Learning Session 5: Recovery & People Led Care (31 October 2023)

The session focused on the importance of people-led care during recovery and on the empowerment of individuals as well as staff working alongside them. Presentations included Lomond & Argyll Advocacy Service (LAAS) discussing their Rights and Recovery Project, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) discussing resources for trauma informed training in substance use and mental health and Kairos Community Trust on building an individual’s pathway to recovery.

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Learning Session 4: Collaboration: A Whole System Approach (1 Sept 2023)

The session focused on collaboration including working across multiple partners and overcoming issues of data sharing. Presentations included Midlothian & East Lothian Drugs And Alcohol Partnership (MELDAP) and Mid and East Lothian Drugs (MELD) discussing the Telephone Contact Service and Single Point of Entry as well as Glasgow City Mission on the running of the Overnight Welcome Centre and Information Sharing with Multiple Partners.

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Learning Session 3: Involvement for Improvement (21 July 2023)

The session focused on the themes of lived/living experience involvement and experiential data collection and during it we heard from Suzanne Gallagher, SFAD, on the importance of involvement and family inclusive practice and Tracey Clusker, MIST/PHS, discussing experiential data collection. A breakout session was also held with attendees to discuss both the challenges and solutions of experiential data collection.

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Learning Session 2: Access, Choice and Support (9 June 2023)

Presentations in this webinar included West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership's Addiction Service on same day access to treatment, NHS Dumfries & Galloway on a local pilot project delivering Long Acting Injectable Buprenorphine (LAIB), Healthcare Improvement Scotland on Quality Improvement (QI) and tools for spreading innovation and NHS Forth Valley with Recovery Scotland on partnership working between psychological therapies and recovery development workers.

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Learning Session 1: Connections, Reflections and Progress (21 April 2023)

In this webinar Elena Whitham, Alcohol and Drugs Minister, shared a note of appreciation recognising the efforts made by services across Scotland to implement the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Standards. The webinar also shared examples of emerging practice from across Scotland with presentations from services including the Scottish Ambulance Service on their national Non-Fatal Overdose Pathway, Caithness & Sutherland Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service on assertive outreach, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde’s on their Wound care, Assessment of injecting risk, Naloxone and Dry blood spot testing (WAND) project and from Sustainable Interventions Supporting Change Outside (SISCO) on Multiple Pathways to Recovery.

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MAT Standards implementation brief insights (July 2023)

The Improvement Support for MAT Standards Implementation programme engaged with services across Scotland to develop a series of brief insights on innovations in local service delivery. There are 21 brief insights detailing local experiences of implementation. These insights have also supported the National Benchmarking Report on Implementation of the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Standards 2022-23.

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