Additional programme information

Please find additional information about the programme below.  


Healthcare Improvement Scotland was commissioned by Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities to deliver an improvement programme which engages ADPs and statutory homeless services, alongside the people who use them, to improve access, reduce harm and achieve better outcomes.

Partner Organisations

Partner organisations who have strongly supported the delivery of Reducing Harm, Improving Care include:

Commissioned partners:

  • Homeless Network Scotland
  • Scottish Drugs Forum

Advisory partners: 

  • Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs
  • Scottish Recovery Consortium
  • Simon Community Scotland
  • Scottish Prison Service, and
  • Policy Scotland

Evaluations and measures of success

Key outcome measures of Reducing Harm, Improving Care improvement tools such as interconnected systems mapping and demand capture and analysis includes:

  • 88% of target person to person lived experience feedback was achieved (53 out of 60)
  • 200% of target virtual lived experience feedback was achieved (22 out of 12)
  • 98% satisfaction from service staff on the effectiveness of the improvement tools used, and
  • 98% confidence from service staff on using the improvement tools in future.

 A detailed evaluation of the programme is underway and will be made available here in summer 2022.

Equality impact assessment

To ensure everyone can benefit regardless of their characteristics or where they access care, we completed an Equality Impact Assessment. This highlights key equality issues that were considered and any actions we took in relation to them. A copy of our Equality Impact Assessment is available here: RHIC Equality Impact Assessment.