Borders one stop shop with dedicated occupational therapists and a cross tenure funding partnership speeded up the process, widened access and showed value for money.

Borders developed a single point of access in Care & Repair – a one stop shop – for information and advice, assessment, design, and delivery of all adaptations.

This involved shifting responsibility for routine assessments away from social work core services through the colocation of a dedicated occupational therapist and assistant within the independent Borders Care & Repair service.

Through the one stop shop approach, Care & Repair delegated authority to spend the private sector housing grant as well as monies that come in from the Scottish Government national budget, referred to as Stage 3 funding, for each registered social landlord.

The pilot ran from the middle of 2014 until 2015. A detailed evaluation report was prepared on the findings and a decision was taken in 2016 to extend the approach using a dedicated occupational therapist located within Care & Repair across all of the Borders.

A summary of Borders’ Adapting for Change pilot programme, introducing the project group and its objectives, and highlighting the key improvements in terms of:

  • one stop shop
  • dedicated occupational therapists
  • cross tenure funding partnership
  • governance and value for money.

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Supporting materials:

One Stop Shop
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Dedicated Occupational Therapists
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Funding Partnership
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Governance and Value for Money
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People's Stories
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