Falkirk has embarked upon a redesign of services to create a more accessible and integrated approach, supported by the development of a new assessment ‘toolkit’ that widens agency roles, defines different adaptations categories, and considers all housing options with better information and advice.

Falkirk’s collaborative approach to mapping and then redesigning the process across partners aims to ensure that all adaptation requests are treated consistently, regardless of tenure.

Key early outputs have been to define the categories for the provision of adaptations and current funding arrangements, producing a new tenure neutral assessment tool and pathway. These clarify and improve processes and ensure an early focus on reviewing housing needs and options, as well as widening assessment roles across health, housing and social care.

Tools and definitions developed by Falkirk have provided a framework and practical resources across other Adapting for Change demonstration areas.

The demonstration site work started in October 2015 and ran until March 2017. Partners are however continuing with the work to test the developed tools and implement service changes to improve their services.

A summary of Falkirk’s Adapting for Change pilot programme, introducing the project group and its objectives, and highlighting the key improvements in:

  • service redesign and assessment
  • housing information and advice.

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Service Redesign and Assessment Tool
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Supporting materials:

Improving Advice and Information

View Practice Notes (PDF)