Be@Home in Lochaber provides a one stop shop with a redesigned pathway that connects customers to a menu of service options, with increased assessment capacity and improvements in performance measurement.

Lochaber demonstration project developed a ‘tenure neutral’ one stop shop for the access, assessment, co-ordination and delivery of equipment, adaptations, telecare, and housing options information and advice.

The one stop shop is based in Lochaber Care & Repair and has a clear and distinct branding and identity as Be@Home. The model offers service users direct access to a range of potential interventions that can help them to be at home safely for longer.

The Be@Home pathway provides a more systematic and co-ordinated preventative approach to housing solutions for the customer at the point of access or demand compared to the traditional access route to housing adaptations.

The project has upskilled staff so that they can respond more effectively to customer needs, including in technology enabled care, reducing customer waiting time and streamlining the process.

A summary of Lochaber’s Adapting for Change pilot programme, introducing the project group and its objectives, and highlighting the key improvements in:

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Service Redesign

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Data Driven Performance

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