Community equipment services improvement framework

A 2014 New Zealand random controlled trial of 800 older homeowners found that adaptations such as handrails for outside steps and internal stairs, bathroom grab rails, edging for outside steps, and slip-resistant surfacing for outside areas led to a 26% annual reduction in the rate of injuries attributable to home falls that needed medical treatment.

With the right community equipment, people of all ages and from every care group can be supported to lead more independent lives. This can range from simple solutions to help with everyday activities such as toileting, bathing and mobility to specialist mattresses and seating, telecare and sensory equipment for people with more complex needs.

Getting the provision right requires every aspect of the service, from assessment and strategic governance to Store services, to work effectively and efficiently.

The Community Equipment Services Improvement Framework (CESIF) supports the delivery of more effective, improved, streamlined and integrated community equipment services. It builds on both the Scottish Government’s 2009 Guidance on the provision of Equipment and Adaptations (PDF) and subsequent ‘Good Practice Guide for the Provision of Community Equipment’.

Designed to help Health and Social Care Partnerships to review and further improve their community equipment services for all care groups and ages, CESIF provides a range of tools, reports and other tried and tested resources for each of the following key topics: