Report - successful bid
This report provides an example of a successful bid (for an additional £102,000) to mainstream funding for the community equipment service. It illustrates the evidence the partners used to build a case for the permanent funding of staffing levels required to deliver a more effective service, including significant improvements to recycling and more responsive equipment delivery.

Western Isles HSCP IJB Report - June 2016

Reports - financial model review
Both these reports outline the approach taken to review existing financial models. Although the basis for recharging partners is slightly different in each area, the key theme focused on improving budget setting arrangements, the frequency and content of reporting formats, Partnership meetings and overall governance and decision-making responsibilities. The overall aim is to make clear that all partners have equal responsibility and opportunity to inform the delivery of the community equipment service and that no decisions should be made by any one partner alone.

CESIF Community Equipment Service Finance Group Report - Example 2014

CESIF EL Partners Community Equipment Service Finance Group Report - Final September 2013

Budget template
This template has been used to support partners to improve understanding of existing funding commitments and expenditure, and then review how best the service requires to be funded to improve service provision going forward.

CESIF Example Store Service Budget Template

Finance reporting template
This example of a 4-weekly reporting template aims to help partners create/redesign reports that provide a breakdown across service areas to help them identify trends and service pressures in specific service settings. This moves away from traditional examples of equipment reporting, which focus on solely ‘profession’-based budgets and reflects the different care groups and integrated arrangements within these. It also provides a more detailed breakdown of equipment expenditure, which acknowledges savings from recycling and other costs associated with equipment provision.

CESIF Financial Reporting Summary (Services Breakdown) - Blank Example

Guidance notes/ information
This note outlines the key themes from the original Good Practice Guide in terms of the key components of an effective financial model for a community equipment service. This can be used by partners to help them review and benchmark their existing service and to identify service improvements.

CESIF Finance Guidance Note 

Guidance notes/ information
This note outlines some of the different Health and Social Care Partnership financial models that have been developed in Scotland and compares them with a more traditional model. It offers some considerations in terms of ‘advantages/disadvantages’ and may be helpful for other partners considering a review of their existing model within the developing integration arrangements.

CESIF Finance Model Option